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Hanging Planters with Macrame Plant Hangers for Indoor Outdoor

Hanging Planters with Macrame Plant Hangers for Indoor Outdoor

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  • Perfect Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants -- package includes 3 Pcs macrame plant hangers in different size 34" / 26" / 20", 3pcs plastic selfwatering plant pots and saucers in different size 7" / 6" / 5.5", and 3pcs of hooks.
  • TASSEL FREE -- This Macrame plant hangers with pot included set lacks the tassels common on many other macramé plant holders, saving space while avoid pets destroying your plants.
  • High quality PP Plastic Plant Pots designed with absorbent rope and a detectable water reservoir. The Excess water will be storaged in the bottom. Indoor plants drink the water through the rope or their roots. to meet the water required by plants for a week or even longer without frequent watering, no need to worry your plants will get dry when you are out of home for travel or business.
  • Eco-Friendly and Solid: these hand-braided plant hangers are handmade with 100% cotton rope that is braided into four legs to support an open weave basket for holding your greenery. Add a touch of elegance and beauty to your home, bedroom, balcony or patio.
  • Minimalist Boho Home Decor: create a dreamy floating garden with this set of 3 hanging planters, it will be a special gift for your family or friends, also great for housewarming, birthday, wedding, Christmas, and more!

Product Description

A perfect set of plant hangers for indoor and outdoor

  • 3 different style macrame plant hangers, variety in lengths and patterns makes your plants great hanging next to each other or with a collection of other plants.
  • The planters are white plastic but a nice clean design so they look just as great as ceramic, they are much lighter and don’t cause as much strain on the plant hanger.
  • Package comes with 3 separate trays, so the plants don’t sit in water and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
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