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Game Stick 4K Retro Video Game Console Wireless Controllers TV HD 10000+ Games

Game Stick 4K Retro Video Game Console Wireless Controllers TV HD 10000+ Games

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Wi-fi: no


Weight: 560 g

Weight: 560 g

Video Game Controller included: YES

Video Game Controller included: YES

Type of devices: Other

Type of devices: Other

Supporting Language: Traditional Chinese Style,Polish,German,Russian,French,Korean,Dutch,Portuguese,Japanese,Swedish,Turkish,Greek,Spanish,ITALIAN,English,Simplified Chinese,Brazilian Portuguese,Latin American Spanish,Ukrainiaan

Size: 272*176*73mm

Size: 272*176*73mm/10.78*6.9*2.8in

Package: Yes

Package: Yes

Games included: 10000+

Feature 9: gd10 game stick

Feature 8: game stick 4k

Feature 7: game stick 4k 10000 games

Feature 6: game stick

Feature 5: game retro stick 4k

Feature 48: support dropshipping

Feature 47: console emulator

Feature 46: Games emulator

Feature 45: video game emulator

Feature 44: electronic games

Feature 43: mini game console

Feature 42: Retro game machine

Feature 41: retro arcade console

Feature 40: game console to tv

Feature 4: game stick 4k gd10

Feature 39: console retrogaming

Feature 38: gaming console

Feature 37: arcade console

Feature 36: arcade stick

Feature 35: video game retro

Feature 34: party games

Feature 33: portable video game console

Feature 32: game retro

Feature 31: arcade box

Feature 30: Console game

Feature 3: retro game stick 4k

Feature 29: Retro console

Feature 28: retro games

Feature 27: retro game console

Feature 26: Video Games

Feature 25: Game console

Feature 24: retro gaming console

Feature 23: retro gaming

Feature 22: 4k game stick

Feature 21: retro console games

Feature 20: retro video games

Feature 2: gamestick

Feature 19: retro game console 10000 games

Feature 18: game stick 4k 40000 games

Feature 17: arcade game

Feature 16: retro video game console

Feature 15: Videogames

Feature 14: retro video game 10000 games

Feature 13: retro console 4k 10000 games

Feature 12: stick game 4k

Feature 11: console game stick 4k 10000 games

Feature 10: gd10

Feature 1: game stick gd10

Color: black and white

Category: Video Game Console

Category: Video Game Console


Bluetooth-compatible: YES

Bluetooth-compatible: YES


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